Gift Card

With an Fintechtics Gift Card, it becomes easier for you to keep yourself confined to a budget. You simply assign an amount and and it gets locked in, mitigating any scope of you spending more than you would ideally like to.

  • To increase employee engagement
  • To improve employee retention factors
  • To motivate employee for better productivity
  • To reconize innovation and bring more visibility

GPR Cards

A prepaid card is a payment card with a monetary value stored on the card itself, and not in an external account hosted as well as maintained by a financial institution. This simply implies that no network access is required by the payment collection terminals as funds can be deposited (also known as "loading money to the card"), and withdrawn straight from the card.

Reloadable Card for Domestic Use.

Full KYC at any given point of times Maximum Rs 2 Lakh as per RBI guidelines

Card Validity 3 Years.